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Follow the Dream

Book Two in the Cowgirl Dreams Series

​Nettie Moser’s dreams are coming true. She’s married to her cowboy, Jake, they have plans for a busy rodeo season, and she has a once in a lifetime opportunity to rodeo in London with the Tex Austin Wild West Troupe.

But life during the Great Depression brings unrelenting hardships and unexpected family responsibilities. Always looking for a better life, they move often, from one ranch to another, one job after another. In 1931, in the midst of a severe drought, Jake and Nettie undertake trailing their herd of 50 horses 350 miles from Sunburst, Montana over two mountain ranges to Salmon, Idaho, to find grass.

Nettie must overcome challenges to her lifelong rodeo dreams, cope with personal tragedy, survive drought, and help Jake keep their horse herd from disaster.

Will these challenges break this strong woman?

As with Cowgirl Dreams, this story is based on the life of the author’s grandmother, a real Montana cowgirl.



Cowgirl Dreams Trilogy


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