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Heidi is a member of Women Writing the West, Professional Writers of Prescott, and Arizona Authors Association, is also a manuscript editor, and teaches local memoir and fiction writing classes.

New Release

Rescuing Hope

         Samantha Moser’s quest to buy the ranch her great-grandparents once owned—the ranch she’s struggled to manage for a heartless owner—seems impossible. With the help of the troubled teen she’s mentoring, and her rescue horses, life is rich under the Montana sky. But when a group of veterans with PTSD need her help, and the man she could find happiness with has a serious accident while helping her rescue another horse, life takes an overwhelming, stressful turn.


     Can Sam find the strength and courage to overcome, or will all her dreams shrivel and die on the prairie?

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Book Two in the Rescue Series

Wild Horses in Black & White

New Release

Rescuing Samantha

With dreams of raising Thoroughbreds, Samantha Moser leases the Montana ranch that once belonged to her great grandmother, a trail-blazing rodeo cowgirl.

After back-breaking work to fix up the abandoned, dilapidated ranch and a disastrous blizzard, her fiancé lacks the courage that runs in Samantha’s blood, and he leaves her.

Struggling with shattered dreams, a proposed takeover of the land for an exotic animal refuge, and financial difficulties, Samantha must take a job on a dude ranch. In the midst of all the uncertainty, she rediscovers the healing power of horses for children and what life’s purpose is for her.

But knowing her purpose might not be enough.


Can she help a young girl overcome her insecurities, battle the investment group threatening the land, and trust the man who

has a stake in the takeover while he

professes his help?

Book One in the Rescue Series

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Cowgirl Dreams Trilogy

$ 36.00

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Cowgirl Dreams 

Cowgirl Dreams, A Novel - EPIC Award​ Winner 

Cowgirl Dream Series

Book One in the Cowgirl Dreams Series


Can a 14-year-old girl in Montana in the 1920s

become a Rodeo Star?


Defying family and social pressure, Nettie Brady bucks 1920s convention with her dream of becoming a rodeo star. That means competing with men, and cowgirls who ride the rodeo circuit are considered “loose women.” Addicted to the thrill of pitting her strength and wits against a half-ton steer in a rodeo, Nettie exchanges skirts for pants, rides with her brothers on their Montana ranch, and competes in neighborhood rodeos.

Cowgirl cover Final.jpg

Broken bones, killer influenza, flash floods, and family hardship team up to keep Nettie from her dreams. Then she meets a young neighbor cowboy who rides broncs and raises rodeo stock. Will this be Nettie’s ticket to freedom and happiness? Will her rodeo dreams come true?

Based on the life of the author’s grandmother, a real Montana cowgirl. It is suitable for both adult and young adult readers.​​

​Cowgirl Dreams is available from the author or on Amazon.

Based on the life of the author’s grandmother, who rode rough stock in Montana in the 1920s, this sweeping rodeo trilogy parallels the evolution of women’s rodeo from the golden years of the 1920s, producing many world champion riders, and shows its decline, beginning in the 1930s and ending with World War II in 1941.

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Follow the Dream, A Novel - WILLA Award Winner

Follow the Dream

Cowgirl Dream Series

Book Two in the Cowgirl Dreams Series

​As with Cowgirl Dreams, this story is based on the life of the author’s grandmother, a real Montana cowgirl and suitable for young adult readers.

​Nettie Moser’s dreams are coming true. She’s married to her cowboy, Jake, they have plans for a busy rodeo season, and she has a once in a lifetime opportunity to rodeo in London with the Tex Austin Wild West Troupe.

But life during the Great Depression brings unrelenting hardships and unexpected family responsibilities. Always looking for a better life, they move often, from one ranch to another, one job after another. In 1931, in the midst of a severe drought, Jake and Nettie undertake trailing their herd of 50 horses 350 miles from Sunburst, Montana over two mountain ranges to Salmon, Idaho, to find grass.

Dream Cover Final.jpg

Nettie must overcome challenges to her lifelong rodeo dreams, cope with personal tragedy, survive drought, and help Jake keep their horse herd from disaster.

Will these challenges break this strong woman?

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Dare to Dream

Cowgirl Dream Series

Book  Three in the Cowgirl Dreams Series

This story is also based on the life of the author’s grandmother, a real Montana cowgirl (suitable for young adult readers).

In the 1940s, Nettie is faced with the demise of women's rodeo. But mentoring two young girls in trick riding brings her dreams back to the forefront.

Dare to Dream, A Novel- Third Book in Dream Series- Book Excellence Award Finalist

Dare Cover Final.jpg

Montana cowgirl Nettie Brady Moser has overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles on the journey toward her dream of being a professional rodeo rider. In the 1920s she struggled against her family’s expectations and social prejudice against rodeo cowgirls. During the Great Depression, marrying Jake Moser and then raising their son took priority over rodeos. And then she is devastated by the death of her friend and mentor in a rodeo accident. 


In the spring of 1941, Nettie, now age 36, is regaining her heart and spirit, and she is determined to ride again at an event in Cheyenne, Wyoming. To her dismay, the male-dominated Rodeo Association of America enforces its rule barring women from riding rough stock and denies her the chance to ride. Her fury at the discrimination can’t change things for women—yet.

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Cowgirl Up

A History of Rodeo Women


When someone says “Cowgirl Up!” it means rise to the occasion, don’t give up, and do it all without whining or complaining. And the cowgirls of the early twentieth century did it all, just like the men, only wearing skirts and sometimes with a baby waiting behind the chutes. Women learned to rope and ride out of necessity, helping their fathers, brothers, and husbands with the ranch work.


But for some women, it went further than that. They caught the fever of freedom, the thirst for adrenaline, and the thrill of competition, and many started their rodeo careers as early as age fourteen.

Cowgirl Up! - A History of Rodeo Women - Non-Fiction Global e-book Winner 

CowgirlUp Cover 1x1.5.jpg

From Alice and Margie Greenough of Red Lodge, whose father told them “If you can’t ride ‘em, walk,” to Jane Burnett Smith of Gilt Edge who sneaked off to ride in rodeos at age eleven, women made wide inroads into the masculine world of rodeo.


Women's rodeo boasts its share of women who “busted broncs” and broke ranks in the macho world of rodeo during the early to mid- 1900s. Cowgirl Up! is the history of these cowgirls, their courage, and their accomplishments.

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American Dream Series

$ 25.00

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Seeking the American Dream

American Dream Series

Book One in the American Dream series

and the next generation of the Moser family. Based on the author's mother who emigrated from Germany after WWII.

As a nurse, Anna Schmidt deals with the aftermath of a war-torn Germany on a daily basis. The destruction and suffering of WWII frame her existence until she meets an American GI, Neil Moser. His stories of ranch life in Montana, his quiet kindness and compassion, and the attraction that blossoms give her hope for a different life. Before their relationship develops, Neil is suddenly shipped out of Germany, and Anna is left with nothing but a yearning for what might have been.

Anna’s dreams are renewed when Neil writes to declare his love and proposes that she join him in America as his wife. After two years of endless paperwork, she is finally on American soil. But will Anna be able to overcome the language barrier and harsh Montana ranch life, to gain acceptance from his parents, and form a family in a country that still considers a German the enemy?

Seeking the American Dream, A Novel - Book One in the American Dream Series |  Winner Author's Show - Historical Fiction


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Finding True Home

American Dream Series book two

It’s been ten years since Anna Moser immigrated to Montana from Germany for love and hopes of a better life in the “land of milk and honey.”


Instead, she’s found harsh winters and searing summers, sacrifice and back-breaking work. After all these years, she still perceives neighbors looking down their noses with distrust at this “foreign woman.”


Did she make a mistake in following her heart to marry Neil and build a ranch and family with him? Yet, after her first visit back to Germany, she finds she no longer belongs there either.

Finding True Home, A Novel -  Book Two in the American Dream Series - Winner, Will Rogers Medallion & Finalist, Book Excellence Awards

Finding Front 1.5.jpg

In spite of hardships, loss, and near-death illness, will the love of Neil and her children help Anna find her true home?


Review: “This sequel to Seeking the American Dream continues Heidi Thomas’ heart-tugging saga of the life of a World War II war bride as she struggles to adjust to life on a Montana ranch, where family is everything and neighbor helps neighbor through the toughest situations. Struggling through isolation, prejudice, and self-doubt, Anna Moser finally finds peace, acceptance, and her true home through a lifetime of love and sacrifice.” – Donis Casey, author of the Alafair Tucker series

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This collection of original fairytales is meant to encourage and inspire readers of all ages.

Secret of the Ice Castle

Carrying a heavy burden alone, Bianca searches the kingdom for answers.

The Firetender

Selfishness gets you nowhere and the burden of responsibilities can steal your joy.

Pit of Darkness

When we allow everyday struggles to take away our happiness, we grow resentful and are trapped in darkness.

The Magic Cloak

Hiding from our problems does not bring happiness.

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Image by Szabo Viktor

Secret of the Ice Castle - Purple Dragonfly Award, Cover Design 

Cover 1.5x2.jpg
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