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  1.  What does the waterfall represent?

Salvation in Jesus Christ and being baptized; the person being cleansed. Baptism is the burying of the old and rising of the new.


    2.  Why do you think they wouldn’t let her go out into the world?


She was not ready to take on the world and its temptations. Parents try to shield us from the world and its evil. As a child, we don’t always follow their rules and it gets us hurt; we may fall in with the wrong people who will lead us astray.


    3.  What do the princess’ trips into the world represent?


The temptations we face each day and how we handle those temptations is how life is today in our world.


    4.  What does the locket stand for?


The burdens that we accumulate and are unwilling to unload on the shoulders of the Lord. We have the tendency to keep burdens and burying them not willing to ask for repentance and forgiveness. Ephesians 6:10-17 (the armor of God)


  1. What is represented by the child’s happiness and willingness to accept the responsibility of being an adult?


 When we accept Christ as our Savior, we don’t usually fully understand what salvation truly means. It comes by being mentored and being shown the path to God’s will for our life. Yes, it is a difficult path; however, we need to learn that Jesus is always right there beside us. He is always involved with what is happening around us even when we are not able to see, hear, feel or sense Him.


    2.   What does the heavy burden of maintaining the fire mean?


Because of our pride, we are unable to do as the Lord wishes for us. So keep everything to ourselves and we do not place the burdens on the shoulders of the Lord also. He will then show you how you are to handle your responsibilities. We should experience Joy in our experience with the Lord.


    3.   What do the different clans personify?


The people around us; the world, and it is our responsibility to take the Word to them and share it with all, no matter the circumstances. The Great Commission, Matthew 28:20-21.


  1.  What is the significance of hauling coal up the stairs, day after day?

The burdens placed on us as we grow without Christ in our life. They continue to multiply and we soon feel totally loaded down and we cannot bear the pressure and want out. We try to escape on our own, but that does not work, we only get more heavily burden, until we finally give up and accept this as being life.


    2.  Who does Angelica represent?

She represents that person who first tells us about Christ and many times we push that aside and do not what to hear, it could not be that easy to accept Christ’s mercy and grace and be saved. Then we get pushed deeper into our misery and finally we realize, what do I have to lose by turning to Christ and accepting what He has to offer.


    3.  What does finding her family mean?

The freedom and security we have when we accept Christ and allow Him to be in control. We then see what our responsibilities and are able in Joy to move forward in our lives and be a success for ourselves and, especially, for Christ.


   1.  What does the cloak represent?

It is how we hide from our responsibilities in the world and cover up how we should act and act in this world. We shy away from what we know is right and do not accept that there is right and wrong and we cannot let this be someone else’s responsibility. We effectively live in our own little world and don’t bother anyone and do our own thing. By living this way we are not bound by the rules and moral standards and we do what we please. (The stealing of meat, etc.)


    2.  Not being able to find his way home exemplifies what?

We get lost in what we are doing and are unable to determine what is right and wrong. We finally reach that point where we are no longer in control, but the circumstances around are in complete control of our lives.


   3.  What does being unable to remove the cloak mean?

When we finally reach that point of no return and then realize we are stuck with life as it is and we have no answer. We now are completely broken and ask for help. The Lord provides the answer if we are willing to accept. He sees all that is happening in our lives and waits for us to come to Him and requests His help. He will then come and hear our repentance and asking for forgiveness. He then shines the light and shows the path we should be on and He is our guide along this path if we let Him be in charge.




   1.  Why don’t we turn our burdens over to God?

   2.  What keeps us from surrendering to Him?


We think we can carry our own burdens and don’t need God to help us. In reality, we cannot do anything without His help. (Philippians 4:13)




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